2022 NECO HEALTH EDUCATION ANSWERS - Verified 2022 WAEC EXAM English Questions and Answers

Monday 12th October
Paper I: Test of Practical – Health Education
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Health Education
3:35pm – 5:35pm








WAEC English Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC Eng Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: verified & correct expo Solved Solutions, 2022 NECO HEALTH EDUCATION ANSWERS. 2022 WAEC EXAM English Questions and Answers

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The population is defined as a group of individuals of the same species living and interbreeding within a given area

(i) Lack of knowledge about family planning: Illiteracy, strict customs and lack of knowledge on how to prevent pregnancy or build the right family efficiently influence the population.

(ii)Health: Nigeria belongs to those countries, for which problems of Malaria and AIDs are rather common. In some way, families struggle to surviving.

(iii) Biological factors: This category is defined by the ratio between human average age and the number of children coming to replace the next generation.

(iv) Political factors: The government doesn’t provide enough facilities to control the number of people. The population keeps growing, even despite special programs that were developed to make people aware about family planning.

Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of contraception or voluntary sterilization.

(i) Birth Control Implant
(ii) vasectomy
(iii) Condom
(iv) Contraceptive pills

(i) Development of breast.
(ii) Pubic hair gets thicker and curlier.
(iii) Hair starts forming under the armpits.
(iv) The first signs of acne may appear on the face and back.

(i) Ball and socket joint
(ii) Hinge joint.
(iii) Gliding joint.
(iv) Pivot joint.


A balanced diet is a diet that contains differing kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions providing adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health.

(i) Drying
(ii) Refrigeration
(iii) Fermentation

-Food preparation:
(i) Grinding
(ii) Cutting
(iii) Slicing

Food preparation involves no application of heat such as marinating your chicken, slicing, dicing, julienning while Cooking involves heat such as roasting, searing, poaching,steaming, etc

Large intestine
(i) Absorbing water
(ii) for producing and absorbing vitamins.

(i) For bile production and excretion.
(ii) For excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, and drugs.

(i) Mixing and breakdown of food by contraction and relaxation of the muscle layers in the stomach.
(ii) For digestion of food.

Ante-natal care is a type of preventive healthcare that involves regular check-ups that allow doctors or midwives to treat and prevent potential health problems throughout the course of the pregnancy and to promote healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child.


Psychological dependence is generally meant to describe the emotional and mental processes that are associated with the development of, and recovery from, a substance use disorder or process addiction.

Physiological drug dependence is characterized by the body relying on an external (exogenous) source of a chemical substance to prevent withdrawal.

Alcoholism is a chronic disease characterised by uncontrolled drinking and preoccupation with alcohol.

(i) anesthetics
(ii) analgesics
(iii) anticonvulsant

(i)No pulse
(ii) the body is going to look pale
(iii) dilated eyes
(iv) cold body

-Sewage disposal:
(i)Treatment plants
(ii)Sewage lagoons

-Refuse disposal:

NAFDAC - National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

NDLEA - National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

Corona Virus Disease









A- Renal Cortex
B- Renal Pelvis
C- Renal artery
D- Renal Vein
E- Renal Medulla
F- Ureter

Renal Medulla

(i) By avoiding excessive intake of alcohol
(ii) Exercising regularly
(iii) By monitoring blood pressure


Substance | From | To

-Oxygen|Lungs|whole body

-Carbon(IV)oxide|Body tissue|Lungs|


-Hormones|Endocrine gland|Organs and tissues|

-Digested food|Small intestine| Blood stream|


(i) Red blood cells
(ii) White blood cells


Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Sternal depression

(i) Cardiac arrest
(ii) Near-drowning incidents
(iii) Suffocation
(iv) Heart attack

The objective is to restore partial flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart

(i) Cataract
(ii) Glaucoma

A - Pelvic Bone
B - Femur
C - Quadriceps Muscle
D - Tibia
E - Patella
F - Fibula

(i) Lateral rotation

(i) Extension
(ii) Flexion

The femur


Immunity is the capability of multicellular organisms to resist harmful microorganisms

(i)Don't smoke.
(ii)Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables.

(i)Active immunity
(ii)Passive immunity

[In a tabular form]
(i)Mitosis and meiosis are nuclear division processes that occur during cell division.

(ii)Mitosis involves the division of body cells, while meiosis involves the division of sex cells.


(i) Food
(ii) water
(iii) medicine.

Outer ear - tragus
Middle ear - Ossicles
Inner ear - cochlea

Dental formula is a formula expressing the number and kinds of teeth possessed by a mammal

(i) Canines are used for tearing apart food.
(ii) Molars are used to grind, tear and crush food.


(i) Exercise regularly
(ii) Eat healthily
(iii) Reduce your caffeine intake
(iv) Learn and practice relaxation techniques


(i) Breast milk
(ii) bibs
(iii) Infant formula

(i) Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
(ii) Nigeria Fire Service (NFS).


Geratology is this study of ageing and older adults

(i) Declination in the level of mobility
(ii) Decline in sensation
(iii) Skin wrinkles

(i) It Helps To Improve Patient Engagement
(ii) Help to Ensure Patient Information is Available For Future health purposes

WAEC English Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC Eng Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: verified & correct expo Solved Solutions, 2022 NECO HEALTH EDUCATION ANSWERS. 2022 WAEC EXAM English Questions and Answers

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