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(i) Land

(ii) Labor

(iii) capital and

(iv) entrepreneurship.


Specialization is a method of production whereby an entity focuses on the production of a limited scope of goods to gain a greater degree of efficiency.


(i) Increased output. When companies and individuals within a country focus on a specific task, overall output, and production increases.

(ii) Cheaper products. If different companies specialize in making one product or one component of a product, they are able to also work to reduce production costs by producing at a larger scale and selling more units at a lower profit margin.


(i) Gets boring: As you are aware that specialized work allows a person to concentrate on one aspect of work and day after day they perform the same work.

(ii) Cannot multitask: Sometimes, being specialized in one work does not allow one to perform multitasking jobs.

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{Pick any three}

(i) Savings accounts.

(ii) Checking accounts.

(iii) Money market accounts.

(iv) Certificates of deposit (CDs)

(v) Retirement accounts.


An overdraft is an extension of credit from a lending institution that is granted when an account reaches zero


(i) Drawer: Drawer is the party who draws the cheque upon a specified banker, He is the maker of the cheque. He is the account holder who draws the cheque for drawing money from his bank account.

(ii) Drawee: Drawee is the party upon whom the cheque is drawn. Drawee is the bank. It is the party to whom the drawer gives order to pay the amount to the person named on the cheque or his order to the bearer.

(iii)Payee: Payee is the party who presents the cheque for payment. He is the person who receives money from bank. He is the party in favor of whom cheque is issued. The payee is the person whose name is mentioned on the cheque.

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Advertising is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea.


(i)Advertising helps a business to earn profits by enabling more people to know about the products and services and thus resulting in more sales.

(ii)Advertisements help the consumers to make decisions regarding which product and service to buy.

(iii)Advertising increases company traffic: Many consumers are more likely to visit a business after viewing an advertisement.

(iv)Advertising generates brand loyalty: Advertising allows for companies to target their customers and form a lasting connection with them.

(v)Advertising promotes repeat business: With all of the choices consumers are able to make, many once loyal consumers have strayed from previous businesses in search of other options.


(i) Social Media Advertising

(ii) Print Advertising

(iii) Broadcast Advertising

(iv) Display Advertising

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(i) Provision/maintenance of facilities: Nigeria port Authority provides facilities like berth,cranes,fork- lift's and navigational aids. The Port authority provides re - fuelling and maintenance of facilities

(ii)Housing security personnel: The port Authority provides office accommodation for immigration,customs ,shipping companies and the police operating at the Port.

(iii) Maintenance and improvement of port: The Port Authority is responsible for the improvement of ports including dredging for easy passage of shops

(iv) Provision of security: The Port authority provides security to monitor movement of 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' ships,cargoes and people within and around the nations ports.

(v) Provision of warehouse and Revenue collection: The Port authority provides warehouse facilities at the dockyard . Ports Authority collects harbour and dock dues.


(Choose any Five)

(i)Consular invoice

(ii)Bill of lading

(iii) Certificate of origin

(iv)Shipping note

(v)Airway bills

(vi)Mate receipt 

(vii)Bill of entry

(viii)Bill of exchange

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(Choose Any Five)

(i)commercial bank

(ii)Central bank

(iii)Merchant bank

(iv)Saving bank

(v) Development bank

(vi) Agricultural bank


(i)Accepting Deposit: Commercial banks accept deposits from the public for safekeeping. This is the oldest function of banks which helps in taking care of people's money. Money can be kept in    current ,fixed and saving accounts.

(ii)Lending to customers: This is perhaps the most profitable function of commercial bank. Deposits from different customers are pooled together and given out as loans with interest to people and firms for profitable investment.

(iii)Agent of payment: commercial banks can act as agent of payment on behalf of their customers .They encourage and permit customers to have current account in which they can withdraw without notice by cheque. Money  can also be transferred from one account to another eg credit transfer.

(iv)Discounting Bill of exchange: Creditors can be paid by the bank immediately by discounting Bill of exchange for their customers . This enables the creditors to be paid instantly, and the debtors is allowed s period of credit.

(v)Foreign exchange Transaction: commercial banks make foreign currencies available to their customers. They participate in foreign exchange market and help in solving any problem relating to foreign exchange

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(i)Political environment: The policies of the political party in power would affect the operation of business. Government policies will determine business practices and investment climates in a country . e.g  military regime in Nigeria during which  the political situation was not conducive for investment. Business concerns were badly affected 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' during this period

(ii) Technological environment:Technological development makes previous materials to become outdated or obsolete. A business must be concerned about the technical know- how  as technological development will lead to increase in the quality and quantity of goods to be 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' produced eg computers.Technological environment includes provision for training in research institutions.

(iii) Financial environment: The effect of the present economic crisis is reflected in the financial position of many business organizations. Businesses are suffering from a deficiency of 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' liquid financial resources . The inability to obtain,raise shares and debentures affects the performance of business.

(iv) Economic environment: A country's economic system will determine the nature of business eg in a socialist economy, there is much state intervention while under capitalism 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' ,market forces prevail. The interfaces between a business and it's economic environment also include income distribution, expenditure pattern and the saving capscity of the  people.

(v) Infrastructure environment: The availability of social amenities like road ,telephone ,railway ,airports 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' and seaports will affect the operation of a business. The facilities within the environment of a business play crucial role in the survival of an organization.


(i)Authorised capital

(ii)Issued capital

(iii)Loan capital

(iv)Fixed capital

(v)working capital

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(i)Increase in standard of living : Credit sales can increase the living standard of people as buyers can buy goods they never thought they could afford to buy eg cars.

(ii)Means  of meeting temporary needs for cash: Credit can serve as a means of meeting temporary needs for cash because the individual can buy on credit and use the cash for other things

(iii)Reduction in problem of stock being Tied down: Credit sales will reduce the problem of holding stock for too long as the goods can be outdated or become expired.

(iv) Enjoyment of goods without payment/encouragement of bulk purchase: Customers can possess and enjoy goods without giving value immediately. Credit sales also encourage bulk purchase

(v)Increase in sale/ profit: Credit sales can lead to increase in sales of goods. It can bring increase in profit as higher prices are charged  for 'copied from g i s t p o w e r . c o m free' credit transaction.


(Choose any Five)

(i)Bill of exchange

(ii)Promissory notes

(iii)Letter of credit

(iv) Credit card

(v) Debenture


(vii)Trading cheque

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WAEC English Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC Eng Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: verified & correct expo Solved Solutions, 2022 NABTEB COMMERCE ANSWERS. 2022 WAEC EXAM English Questions and Answers

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