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A secret cult group is referred to as a dangerous and deadly group that share common ideologies, believe in secret, esoteric, mystic and engage in violent practices. 


(i)Public campaign against cultism: Different organizations, including the government, schools, religious institutions, and parents, should promote awareness against cultism. Seminars and workshops should be organized to discuss the dangers of cultism all over schools without leaving out the primary schools. 

(ii)Government Standard: The government should also make laws to punish cultists for pushing away students and young people from joining these groups. The political leaders supporting them should also be put to judgment because they are damaging other children’s lives to make theirs better; 

(iii)Discipline and Studying hard in school to achieve success: Students should be kept busy and engage in school via curricular and extra curricular activities. Because it is a known fact that an "idle mind is the devil's workshop". When students are engage with hard work, they will not have time to join cult.

(iv)Moral Education should be made compulsory in the primary and secondary schools in the country.

Parents should take time to understand their children, give enough time to listen to them at home and satisfy their emotional psychological and physical needs.


Value is the worth of a thing it deals with the degree of quality or worth attached to something it can be seen as the normal principles and standard which guides our interaction with people in the society

(i)it brings about communal development.
(ii)it eradicates corruption in the society.
(iii)it makes one have confidence in whatever he or she does.
(iv)it also brings honour to individuals and to the society at large.
(v)people of integrity serve as role models to young ones.

(vi)it brings about hard work and commitment to ones work.


Skin rashes

1 people die from AIDS
2 HIV and AIDS make the victims very uncomfortable and very ill as they are troubled by various diseases
3 HIV and AIDS victims suffer psychologically due to the stigmatization from the society
4 some societies have a large population of children who have


(i)It advices in the formulation of the policies of government.
(ii)It implements government policies.
(iii)It advises the government.
(iv)It creates employment opportunities.
(v)It performs delegated /legislative functions.


(I) Poor remuneration: A hungry man is an angry man. The civil service are poorly remunerated which causes them to take bribe. The salary they receive is not even enough for them to pay their children’s school fees. They are not well motivated

(II) Absence of skilled manpower: Lack of skilled manpower in the civil service causes inefficiency in the civil service. Therefore, any organization that lacks adequate skilled personnel in their organization, will find it difficult carrying out their operations effectively and efficiently.

(III) Poor human resources management: Human resources management recruits and train workers to work in the organization. But when the organization cannot manage their workers, the workers tend to leave the organization. Poor management of workers causes death of an organization

(IV) Inadequate materials or insufficient materials: Lack of materials for work causes inefficiency in the operations of the civil service. Government failures to provide those necessary materials that can facilitate work in offices contribute to the cause of ineffectiveness in civil service.

(V) Corruption: Corruption has eaten deep into the bones of our civil service, it hard to find a civil servant without the intent to defraud. When corruption continues to thrive in the civil service, it affects the general operations of the civil service.


8a) Popular participation can be defined as the process whereby the majority of the citizens in a state or country show interest in partaking in the affairs and decision making of the state.


(I) Create Urgency: People are far more likely to participate if they feel a sense of urgency. Let people know that there is a limited time to provide input by creating urgency in your calls-to-actions and marketing content.

(II) Be Hyper-Relevant: It can be tough to get people to feel urgency about a long-range planning process. It’s critical to connect your project with issues that are top of mind today.

(III) Solicit Earned Media: Media outlets are always searching for relevant content. Reach out to them and ask them to profile your project. Connecting with more informal sources, like local bloggers, can help you achieve game-changing results, without spending money on advertising.

(IV) Leverage Social Media Strategically: The key to social media success isn’t having a bunch of followers – it’s about the level of engagement with your community. Great social media campaigns require consistent effort, so make sure that you have a plan in place before starting.

(V) Offer Incentives: Incentives can be very effective. Use prizes and rewards to encourage your community to participate.

(VI) Raise the Bar High: Concrete goals lead to real results. Not only are specific goals the key to strategic planning, but they also serve as a useful motivational tool for you and your team


The independence of the judiciary is the cornerstone of a democratic society and safeguard for the freedom and rights of the citizens under the Rule of Law. It is extremely important for the Judges to be free to make impartial decisions based solely on law and facts without interference, pressure or influence

A military government is generally any government that is administered by military forces, whether or not this government is legal under the laws of the jurisdiction at issue, and whether this government is formed by natives or by an occupying power. ... Martial law, temporary military rule of domestic territory
Political Parties: these are organized groups of people who share common ideas with the sole aim of contesting elections to gain/assume political power in a democratic state.
Civil Societies organization: these are private non-profit organizations formed to promote collectively shared values, interests and objectives that are capable of enhancing the general welfare and development of democratic states.
Free and independent Press: this refers to a situation or condition in which media organizations are allowed to perform their functions of informing, educating, entertaining people and scrutinizing government activities without undue censorship for the purpose of good governance in a democracy.

(Pick any Three)
(i) Selfishness and personal Reasons
(ii) Greed And Embezzlement intentions
(iii) Affinity for Power and Authority
(iv) Party Interest



(i) Right to life, Liberty and security of the person

(ii) Right to non-discrimination equality before the law and equal protection by the law 

(iii) Right to the freedom of movement and to choose a residence

(iv) Right to freedom of force labour, slavery, slavery-like practices and servitude

(v) Right to freedom and of thought, conscience and religion

(vi) The right to peaceful assembly and freedom of association

(vii) Right to freedom of opinion and expression


(i) Giving financial support to human rights abuse victims

(ii) Individuals are expected to become conscious their right as citizens and be ready to claim it.

(iii) Joining human rights groups to promote respect for all human rights

(iv) Willingness to report cases of human rights abuse to necessary authorities


6a) Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives.

(I) Life Coping Skills: These are natural skills which every organism including man, acquires from birth to adapt fittingly in his or its environment. They are survival Instincts or skills.

(II) Manipulative Skills: These skills are seen in skills acquisition centres as it involves economic activities that inculcate skills such as technical education. 

(III) Intellectual Skills: These skills are coordinates in character. It is the literary or theoretical frameworks that guide the practical aspects of the works, economic and scientific undertakings

(IV) Communicative Skills: Communication is a very important aspect of our life. Man evolved communications skills as a social being to enable him pass or send information from one person to the other or from place to place.

WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC Civic Education Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: verified & correct expo Solved Solutions, 2022 WAEC CIVIC EDUCATION ANSWERS. 2022 WAEC EXAM Civic Education Questions and Answers

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WAEC Civic Education Questions and Answers 2022. WAEC Civic Education Expo for Theory & Objective (OBJ) PDF: verified & correct expo Solved Solutions, 2022 WAEC CIVIC EDUCATION ANSWERS. 2022 WAEC EXAM Civic Education Questions and Answers

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