Ideas On How to Make Money As a Student

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Ideas On How to Make Money As a Student

Check Out This 17 Hustling Ideas On How to Make Money As a Student

Credit: studenthustler

Do you know in any student’s life, there comes a time where the pocket money from home becomes too little and just not enough to cater for your needs. Some students even experience a reduction in the flow of money from home because friends and family expect you to start catering for yourself.

That’s why students need to start a side hustle business to make some extra money and supplement any money coming from home.
Even if you’re working and earning a salary, in the bad economy of today, most times, that salary is not enough to cover some of your costs and living expenses and this is why you need a side hustle. You need something that doesn’t take too much of your time yet brings income to your pocket weekly, monthly or yearly.
Even if you don’t have any shortage of money, you can start a side hustle business just for the experience or the thrill of finally earning money yourself. If you take this mindset, then the sky is your starting point. Don’t be one of those students that finish from the University only to sit at home jobless, poaching off friends, parents, and relatives while “SEARCHING” for a white-collar job.
Instead, take the initiative and start a small side hustle business today…and who knows, it might just end up being something bigger.

List of businees you can engage as a student 


Graphic designing

This involves using computer software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, and many others to create a banner, invitation card, brochure, business card, Logo, Poster/Flyer, etc. I only started learning graphic design in September 2017 but even though I’m not an expert now, I’ve come a long way since when I was still a beginner. I can say I’m at the Amateur stage of graphic design mostly because I don’t have much time to develop myself. If you want proof, I designed the logo of this site all my lonesome.


Baking and Pastries

All you need to start a business in this area is to have basic baking knowledge. Know how to bake a cake and dress it with royal icing or fondant if you want to focus on cakes. But there are other pastries like doughnut, puff puff, small chops, meat pie, etc that you can make and sell. The profit may look small but consistency brings great results.



You can make good money helping students mend their clothes and sew new ones. If you’re very good, your customers will run to you themselves.


Laptop Repairs

Just like phones, many people in the University, students, and Lecturers all use laptops. Many of them have important information on their laptops and may even want to use the laptop urgently and so you have a large audience in need of your services. All you need to do is get yourself and your services out there.


Phone Repairs

Almost everyone in the world owns a mobile phone, in a Nigerian University where you need to keep abreast of news, changed lecture venues, changed timetables, etc, a phone is very vital or you’ll end up missing out on a lot of things and some have even missed out on rescheduled tests because of lack of a mobile phone. That is why when anything goes wrong with a student’s phone, they start a search for a trusted person to repair their phones. Those are your target audience.


Beads and Jewelry

You can make beads and jewelry and sell it to people on campus. Just look around your immediate environment for the popular jewelry worn by both gender, you can just add your own touches while creating that popular jewelry and you’ll be sure to get customers.


Typing Business

Many students need someone to type their assignments, projects, and thesis. If you have a personal computer, you can start a typing business. Collect handwritten assignments from those too lazy to type theirs themselves or those who don’t have PCs.
After typing, you can take the typed documents in word or pdf format in a flash to a printing shop or business and get it printed or you can transfer the softcopy to your customer’s phone or flash and leave them to print their work. It all depends on your agreement. You can charge between N50 to N100 per page of double-spaced typed work depending on your university.


Recharge Card Selling

You’ll hear from many people that this business is not worth it as there is little gain to it. I’ve never personally gone into this business myself so all I can tell you is that since there are people who make a livelihood on this business, it can’t be so bad as it seems. There has to be some profit in it somewhere. So make inquiries if you’re really interested.


Clothing Business

Clothing business can be very lucrative everywhere since everyone needs to wear clothes especially in a Campus environment where everyone is trying to look nice and great to avoid being looked down upon, so all you need to do is get IN-VOGUE clothes and sell them. You can go from hostel to hostel, paste ads around campus or Post ads on WhatsApp groups that your school members are in.



Some ladies are quite skilled in doing make up for people, why not earn money with this skill. You can teach people to make up and make money from it, sell makeup products and you can also get paid to make people up for occasions.
Imagine a wedding where the wife, her mother, and mother-in-law, three sisters, five sisters-in-law and seven bridesmaids need to be made up for the wedding. That’s 18 faces to be made up in exchange for money at one event.


Online Registration

If you have internet access and a laptop, you can start charging fellow students to help them with their online registrations: course registration, scholarship application, school fees payment, admission regularization, utme, post utme, etc. This is a very lucrative seasonal business that comes at periods like the beginning of the semester, jamb exam, post-utme, etc.


House cleaning and painting

Depending on the University of your choice, not every student stays in accommodation provided by their Uni, some stay in places other than school hostels either by choice or not (not enough hostels and space for students). These people will most definitely need someone to clean/paint a house or room they’re just moving into especially for those who are majorly concerned with Aesthetics.


Selling of wears

Students on campus are always very conscious of their looks and so they love to look trendy. This is where you come in, you can sell clothes, foot wears, handbags, jewelry and other body accessories. If you get the wears in bulk from suppliers, you can sell and make a lot of profit.


Offline marketing

You know, it’s not only online that marketing happens. There are also companies that pay you commissions for marketing and successfully selling their products off the internet. You need to look out for companies like this that allow you to work at your own time and make small allowances for undergraduates (exam period, test periods, your lectures).


Organize Seminars

You can organize seminars to teach people about something you know a lot about or invite experts in the field to the seminar and ask attendees to pay a fee for attending. You can also sell products at such seminars relating to the purpose of the seminar.


Bulk SMS Services

Though the use of this service might have reduced greatly since the introduction of WhatsApp groups (for Nigerians), organizations, departmental associations, and fellowships on campus usually need to stay in touch with their members. You can offer to send bulk SMS to their members at a fee.
You can also open a bulk SMS website and charge users to send SMS messages by themselves while charging them for subscription fees.


Enter Scholarship Competitions

There are many scholarship opportunities for students all over the world but only a few people ever enjoy the privilege of scholarships because most people are unaware of the availability of scholarships and most times, they lose their chances to apply and win scholarships, not because they are unqualified but because of ignorance, leaving the scholarships for those on the look-out for them. Start actively searching for scholarship opportunities near you.



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