Some of our past year exams

Title Pin
Fishery Neco 2018 3690
2018 neco animal husbandry answers 9640
2018 neco commerce answers 9345
History 2020 answers 6931
2018 neco irs answers 4746
2020 waec gce agri answers 2379
2020 waec gce agric practical answers 9685
2020 waec gce chemistry answers 6123
2020 waec gce Geography/ Biology ANSWERS 6884

We Need only 160 Candidates for this Year Jamb Cbt Runs. Only few slot left.. Also note that Our 2022 WAEC GCE FIRST SERIES Midnight Answers Subscription ends on Sat 29th Jan 2022. Note: we don't accept calls. Please, we beg you in the name of God, do all your daily subscriptions AT LEAST a day before the exam, we may not have time to attend to you for daily subscriptions on the exam day.