Neco Expo 2021 WhatsApp Group Link/Neco Runs WhatsApp Group 2021

We don't answer calls. Please only text us or whatsapp us Chat Us: 07058713598

Neco Expo 2021 WhatsApp Group Link/Neco Runs WhatsApp Group 2021

This is Our NECO RUNS Subscription Page.


Here are a few things you have to know about before you proceed with our NECO Runs Service Subscription:

  • For proves, visit
  • Whenever you subscribe with us, please ensure you details are correctly uploaded to our server, you can verify by visiting
  • We assure you at least 6 A(s) and B(s) in your result.
  • Our answers come at least 5-3hours to the exam or midnight for more important subjects.


Phone: 07058713598

Subjects: English, maths...

Exam: NECO

  • Do not discard your card or payment slip until you receive a confirmation message from us.
  • All eyes are on us, because of this, we shall end our subscriptions VERY SOON for security purpose.
  • We don't need much crowd this time around for security purposes.
  • At times, when you call our number, it might be diverted, or not picked due to many numbers of calls. Please, we prefer text message & WhatsApp to calls.
  • Please after the closing date, DO NOT send any card to our number or deposit money into our account. No "Abeg Sir" this time.
  • Any site promising you 2021 NECO Answers, make sure they use our site as their source unless you will be risking your future and your hard-earned money.
  • Always use our official lines. Beware of scam. All Bank payments go to Mr. Frank Bank account.


Password Link: This means that you are going to be getting a password that you will use to open our answer page for your answers. This plan requires a phone with a network. Once you receive a code and link from us normally a night or a day before any day you have paper through text message, you can immediately use the password login to our site or our android app.

This is how the text message (SMS) looks like:
Dear nickname or subscriber

You have a NECO GCE English language Exam today,

This is your password: 6881. Kindly proceed to 

Thank you for subscribing to us.

Whatsapp Plan for 2021 RUNZ: If you choose this package, you will be added to our Whatsapp Group for NECO 2021 candidates but your answers will come directly to you on WhatsApp as a private message.

Daily Subscription/Per Subject: This is for people who want to be subscribing any day their candidates have exams. This is nice though costly because if you calculate everything at the end of your exam, but please if you want to use this option, ensure that you subscribe a day before the exam because if you subscribe late, we may not be able to attend to you because of the number of candidates we have to attend to.

neco expo,

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